V-Syndicate Metal Rolling Tray | Medium | 25 Pack

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With dimensions of 27cm x 16cm, this medium metal rolling tray ensures a spacious work area. Available in four distinctive designs, this engaging and visually appealing tray excels at herb organisation, seamless smoke rolling, and preventing any potential spills or mess. Its unique style sets it apart, offering a touch of flair you won't find in other rolling trays.

Each design sold in packs of 25.

Color: Call of Doobie

Call of Doobie
T=HC2 Classic
T=HC2 Black Hole
Grand Dank Auto
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Enhance Your Smoking Experience With V-Syndicate

A reliable rolling tray is a must. Your herbs are precious, and without a suitable work surface, the chance of losing them inadvertently is high. This metal rolling tray provides abundant space while remaining compact for easy storage after your session. The gentle incline and lively artwork which comes in four different designs for you to choose from, add to its appeal. When you're done, smoothly transfer any leftover herb particles into a storage container, and a swift wipe-down leaves the tray immaculate.

Four designs include: "Call of Doobie", "Einstein T=HC2 Classic", "Einstein T=HC2 Black Hole" & Grand Dank Auto"

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Call of Doobie, T=HC2 Classic, T=HC2 Black Hole, Grand Dank Auto