Wooden Pax tray with Pax vape.
Periwinkle Pax Plus on top of Wooden tray.
Pax walnut prep tray.
Different angle of Pax walnut prep tray.
Wooden Pax tray with Periwinkle Pax vape.
Wooden Pax tray.

PAX Walnut Prep Tray

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Streamline your pre-session preparations with our sleek walnut wood-finish tray, purposefully designed to provide a convenient and organised surface for grinding, packing, and rolling your favourite herbs, while offering a dedicated spot to securely store your PAX device.

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Enhance Your Pre-Session Rituals with our Walnut Wood-Finish Tray

Discover a new level of sophistication for your pre-session rituals with our premium walnut wood-finish tray. Designed with functionality in mind, this tray allows you to grind, pack, and roll with ease. Measuring at 19.3 cm in height and 14.2 cm in width, this tray offers ample space for your essentials. Please note that due to the natural variations in wood, the actual product may differ slightly in colour and appearance, adding a unique touch to each piece.