Wire brush next to 3 screens.

PAX Premium Maintenance Kit

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Effortlessly maintain your PAX device with the all-inclusive Premium Maintenance Kit, featuring 3x 3D Oven Screens and 1x Wire Brush. Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX MINI, and PAX PLUS.

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Efficient Maintenance Made Simple: The Premium Kit for Your PAX

A clean PAX is a more efficient PAX, and now you can effortlessly maintain the optimal performance of your device with our new and improved Premium Maintenance Kit. This all-inclusive kit includes 3x 3D Oven Screens and 1x Wire Brush, providing you with everything you need to keep your PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX MINI, or PAX PLUS in top shape. With the Premium Maintenance Kit, maintaining a pristine and efficient PAX has never been easier.

Each Kit includes:

3x 3D Oven Screens
1x Wire Brush